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Nov 10

Garshasp game released

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The long-awaited Garshasp game has finally been released - but only inside Iran. Unfortunately there is yet no news about an international release.
The domestic release is reported to be plagued by distribution problems as well, but the game has generally received positive review among players. I hope to at least see some video captures of the game somewhere to get a feel for it.

This should be a momentous occasion for the development team, who has spent the past 4 years developing this game. I hope that they can find a way to release the game internationally as well.

Also, you can download the game guide here (it's in Persian). There's some nice artwork in there.

Apr 09

Age of Heroes

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ever since I started doing some research on the Shahnameh characters, I've been coming across all sorts of interesting things.

I just discovered another Iranian-made computer game - this one probably a couple of years old - called Age or Heroes that is based on the Shahnameh characters and stories.

This government-funded RPG sure doesn't look as good as some of the other more recent games being developed in Iran. The trailer is pretty nice though, and the site - although really slow - might be worth a look. (Note: the English section of the site doesn't seem to work any more, the whole thing is in Persian).

Mar 05

cgart heros & villains competition

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Recently, cgart.ir held a competition with the theme of "Heroes and Villains". It was a chance for Iranian CG artists to showcase their work. There's a lot of really good submissions. I was surprised to find all this new talent. I've selected only a few of them to show here, to see more head over to cgart.ir.

houman-rahati.jpg mehrdad-isvandi.jpg ebhraim-diba.jpg aria-saffarzadegan.jpg arash-behnoudrad.jpg amir-zand.jpg

Nov 06

Garshasp Video Game

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I just discovered this. It's an Iranian game in development called Garshasp. Here's an exceprt from the developer blog:

Garshasp is an upcoming 3D action adventure game based on Persian Mythology. The story revolves around the hero Garshasp, whose stories can be found in ancient mythological texts.

There are some highly talented people working in the video game industry in Iran, mostly in independent studios and with very little funding. Their talent clearly comes through in these concept art and early models, all taken from the developer blog.

Garshasp concepts Garshasp concepts Garshasp concepts
Garshasp concepts Garshasp concepts Garshasp concepts