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Project 300 is an artistic collaboration aimed at showing the forgotten face of ancient Persia and modern day Iran. Click here to find out more.

Mar 29

Artist Spotlight: Pendar Nabipour

22 comments posted by legofish at 11:41 AM

pendar.gif 22-year old Pendar Nabipour hasn't updated his website for a couple of years, but if his portfolio is anything to go by he must have produced a lot of great art since then. His pencil sketches have a flowing raw quality that are quite pleasing to the eye, and his unique 'zazzima' creations are a fun mix of tribal and modern elements. He has also made a poster for the 300 Project which I will put in the gallery in the next upgrade. p.s. we share the same first name and he's in fact the only other Pendar I have met in real life.