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Mar 28

Iran chamber: an excellent resource for Persian arts, history, and culture

19 comments posted by legofish at 04:45 PM

Parthian ArmyStarting Project 300 was an educational experience for me as well. Not only did I get to meet a lot of new artists that I never knew about before, but also I found some really good websites about the history of Persia in the process. One of them is Iran Chamber, which has an amazing amount of content on all aspects of Persian arts, culture, and history. It even has a nice section serving as a tourist guide to Iran. There's plenty of well organized information there for whoever wishes to know more about Iranian/Persian arts and history. It's a shame that their contact form doesn't seem to be working, as I would have loved to use some of their articles - with permission - for the articles section of the Project 300 site, but there seems to be no way of contacting them.