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Mar 28

Iranian Rock Band Has a New York Moment

posted by legofish at 03:11 PM

hypernova Tehran-based music band Hypernova, spearheaded by former Vancouverite -and friend of a friend- Raam, is in New York. Check out what they're up to. The music scene in Iran is quite complex, none of the music I have so far posted here is actually 'legal' in Iran. These artists can never officially release records and sell them in Iran. They can't have official concerts and gigs either. But they're music is still tolerated, and they distribute their music through their websites and play semi-private underground gigs. Still, what they do is almost entirely for the love of the music since they hardly make any money from it. Recently some of these bands have started selling their music on iTunes, but their target market is made up entirely of Iranians living abroad, since online shopping is practically impossible in Iran.