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Project 300 is an artistic collaboration aimed at showing the forgotten face of ancient Persia and modern day Iran. Click here to find out more.

Mar 30

Reveal joins project 300

12 comments posted by legofish at 01:38 AM

reveal.gif London-based hip hop artist Reveal (aka Prince of Persia) has joined our project and has been kind enough to send us his new track "Prince of Persia" to feature on our site. He has also recorded a message regarding project 300 which you can check out below. What's more is that he's sent us an exclusive recorded verse from his soon-to-be released track. We thank Reveal and we hope to feature more of his great music on Project 300 Weblog.

p.s. While you're at it check out this video of Reveal with Hich-Kas, the Tehran-based rapper. The video is also shot in Tehran: