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Project 300 is an artistic collaboration aimed at showing the forgotten face of ancient Persia and modern day Iran. Click here to find out more.

Mar 28

What is Project 300?

13 comments posted by legofish at 09:33 AM

300themovie.info is an ongoing collaborative art project featuring art by artists using the theme of 'ancient Persia'. Driven by an admiration for arts, and united by a common concern about the barbaric and demonic portrayal of Persians in Frank Miller's graphic novel and the movie 300, we have come together to voice our objection in a uniquely artistic fashion. The call for art has just been released and we are still receiving the artworks.
If you are an artist and would like to participate, please send your art to submit at 300themovie dot info. You can join the growing list and link to us by copying the following line of code on your blog or website. According to technorati, 2,697 websites have already linked to our project page as of March 26, 2006.

<a href="http://300themovie.info">300 the movie </a>