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Apr 12

Artist Spotlight: Soheil Danesh

10 comments posted by legofish at 02:34 PM

jamshid.gif I recently discovered the great art of 22-year-old Soheil Danesh (thank to Reveal), and I'm in love with his atmospheric cg illustrations. Among his work is this poster for "Jamshid & Khorshid", a full-length animated feature with ancient Persian themes (the first of its kind in Iran) that has been in the works for a few years and despite being completed, its release has been held up by unknown reasons. Also check out his storyboards. I was told that Soheil will soon be working on his submission for the Project 300 gallery as well.

p.s. Soheil has a deviant art gallery and a personal website as well that I think he's still working on.