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Apr 11

The Persian manga connection

2 comments posted by legofish at 09:53 AM


I came across this last week thanks to a friend (aka Fatso). There is a japanese manga called "The Heroid Legend of Arslan" which is based on the popular Persian epic of Amir Arsalan.
The series, authored by Toshiki Tanaka, was started in 1986, and was later turned into a manga and an anime series. (source: wiki)

As an interesting side-note, the only Persian comic I remember from childhood was based on the very same epic of Amir Arsalan. It was an old-school black and white series published in the comic weekly "Hezaar Ghesseh", with realistic illustrations and no speech bubbles (the text was given underneath each panel of drawing). I remember skipping it for more fun comics like Yakari, which was being syndicated in the same mag.
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