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May 29

3D Artists in Iran

3 comments posted by legofish at 04:22 PM


While cg painting and illustration have only recently become popular among Persian artists, their involvement with 3D modeling and design goes back far earlier. With the release of the first versions of 3DStudio, many persian artists became interested in 3D art and numerous 3D animation studios were launched, mainly producing TV commercials. Unfortunately, not being involved in 3D, I don't know much about the community and the 3D big shots, but the other day I came across the website and portfolio of Ali Rahimi, and I was impressed with the depth of his work. While his 3D images and animation projects look incredible, he has an interesting twisted style with his "sketches" as well. I strongly recommend browsing his portfolio.


Another incredible 3D artist I came across a while ago is 42-year-old Adel Adili, who I believe is a veteran of 3D art in Iran. His versatile body of work varries from architectural landscapes to disney-style character modelling. Don't miss out on his 2D gallery either, where he clearly shows his skills as a CG painter. Finally, he's also has an active presence on cgsociety, taking part in numerous challenges (and winning quite a few!)


Finally, I like to introduce the portfolio of our very own Ali Jalali. His Project 300 contribution was one of the most viewed pieces in the gallery and was circulating in the Persian blogosphere for some time after it was featured here. In his submission, he had combined traditional Persian Miniature paintings (see this too) with 3D art, and had created a breath-taking image of a woman with her harp. Miniature Paintings are a corner-stone of Persian arts, and you can't grow up in Iran without seeing this artform everywhere. Interestingly, before this piece, I had only seen one other instance of trying something new with this type of art (I'll get to that in another post). Anyway, Ali Jalali has a few other pieces in his portfolio at cgsociety which deserve a look.

There are many other accomplished 3D artists to mention. If you know some of them feel free to leave a comment.