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Jun 13

Artist Spotlight: Hamid Bahrami

10 comments posted by legofish at 01:19 AM

bahrami.gif Hamid Bahrami is one of the most respected artists in Iran and It is certainly a privillege to have him on board Project 300 with his work in the gallery.

The multi-talented 35-year-old veteran has an amazingly diverse body of work ranging from regular sketches, to cartoons and illustrations, to animation and game-related art.

His cartoons are full of quirky humor and sarcasm, and he has an ability to command whatever style of drawing he wishes to use.

Visit his portfolio at your own risk, since you can easily find yourself browsing through his art for a long time (the site's navigation is at times fidgety, but moving the mouse away from the nav-bar and then back should do the trick).