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Jul 04

Artist Spotlight: Hanif Bahari

posted by legofish at 01:41 PM

hanif.jpgI stumbled upon Hanif Bahari's art a few weeks ago and had bookmarked his portfolio so I could write about him later. I didn't have time to update here for a couple of weeks, but I figured featuring his work is as good an excuse as any to update the site after a while.
I really like his style and the quirkiness of his cartoons. He also has a distinct sense of humor that makes his colorful cartoons more fun.

His work can be found on several places on the web. Some of his stuff is at this KolahStudio page, while some others can be found on this page here. He also has a profile on Kargah.com, where interestingly enough some of his cartoons have been censored! Finally, Iranian.com also featured some of his art back in 2005.