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Apr 21

Artist Spotlight: Fatemeh Kashfi

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There's something really great about Fateme Kashfi' art. She has those smooth flowing Disney-esque lines. Looking at some of her pieces reminded me even a little of Barbucci. I also really like the fact that she has a recurring character that's full of personality. Read our short Q&A with Fatemeh:

How did you get into illustration?
I started drawing about 5 years ago. Because I love animation I focused on disney animator's drawing and understood that I should know Human anatomy and draw every thing with line of action and basic forms and shapes (like circle ,cube ,cylinder..). So I draw every thing with this method. Most of the time I draw from books, pdfs and real life and I don't have many teachers.

Who are some of your favorite artists who have influenced or inspired you?
Glen Keane (Disney), Rodolph Guenoden (Dreamworks), Sylvain chomet (the French director of The Triplets of belleville), John Lasseter (Director of Toy Story)...


We really like your Clown character. I think it's really interesting and very unique. What can you tell us about this character?
Thanks for your love. My clown was born 1 year ago on a terrible day! Before that I'd designed another clown which was more cartoony. The reason for using a clown is related to my personality and opinions. I love clowns. They always wear colorful and funny clothes and make us smile but I think they have sadness inside! I like this contradiction.

How do you describe being an illustrator in Iran? What sort of opportunities are there for an Iranian illustrator?
I think Iranians haven't gotten professional in the entertainment industry (remember that I love animation). Currently the industry is dependent on government . Also we don't have a good educational system to train students for getting their suitable job. So how do you think it's like?

Check out more of Fatemeh's great work on her Deviant Art profile.