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Project 300 is an artistic collaboration aimed at showing the forgotten face of ancient Persia and modern day Iran. Click here to find out more.

Oct 03

You did it

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Some time in the past several months, this website quietly exploded! That's right, I'm talking about our little Google Bomb. Right now, if you search for "300 the movie", which was our target word, this site is the first result, higher than the official 300 movie site. Of course this was only possible with the massive support of the Persian blogosphere who linked to us (4,257 incoming links and counting). As you know, this project was triggered by the 300 movie, but has long since grown to something beyond a simple response to a single movie and is now a source of news and information about Persian art and artists, with an eye towards shedding some light on the History of Persia.

Jun 13

New Additions to the Gallery

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Last week, several new pieces were submitted to the Project 300 Gallery. The first one is a lovely comic-style cg drawing of Darius (an Achaemenid king) by the great Hamid Bahrami.
There are also a couple of nice works by fantasy illustrator Maryam Gousheh Forgeot.

Apr 05

going past the 3,000 threshhold

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The incoming links to this site have now passed the 3,000 mark. According to technorati, the number of sites linking to this page is now at 3,094. That is absolutely overwhelming considering the fact that the site is barely a month old and it all started with this little post (and this slightly bigger one on my Persian blog.)

As a result, we are now on the first page of google searsh results for the term "300 the movie".

While the release of "300" was the original trigger for starting this project, it has now grown to something far beyond a simple reaction to the movie 300. Project 300 is now a place that displays the "forgotten side" of the Persian (pop) culture; the side that is becoming increasingly rare to see in the media today.

I have to thank everyone for their continued support for this project. I have received a lot of interesting material that I simply haven't had time to put on the gallery or here on the blog, but I'll promise I'll get to them soon.

Mar 28

I support project 300: web ribbons

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Mar 28

Weblog Launched

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I just finished work on the first version of the blog. It's still pretty rudimentary and I have to work on a lot of things (the commenting system is a mess!) but it's gotta do for now. I really wanted to get the blog up and running. So what's this blog about? I'm going to use this blog to bring news and information about all aspects of the Persian art scene. From news about current galleries and exhibitions to artist spotlights and interviews, to random links to cool stuff, this blog will have it all. As time goes by I'm hoping that more authors will join me so we can cover more stories. With the amazing response Project 300 has received so far, I don't think that's going to be too hard.